What are the positive and negative aspects of playing video games?

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Can a Video Game Change Your Life? Jane McGonigal via BigThink

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Learning goals:

  • Create an event to add a level
  • Create a variable to track scoring
  • Use logic to determine win or loss condition

Create a video game controller

MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone from jay silver on Vimeo.


Using the MaKey MaKey invention kits, you’ll design & create a video game controller:
  • You will design and create a video game controller for your Scratch game.
  • A variety of conductive and insulting materials will be available to use: cardboard, playdough, aluminum tape, aluminum foil, wire, bananas, etc.
  • You will test out each other’s creations and provide feedback on design & usability.

Learning goals:

  • Physical computing experience
  • How circuits work
  • Design & usability considerations of physical devices for humans